General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

Sailing and motorboating are outdoor-activities taking place in free nature - wind and weather are sometimes unpredictable. With his/her registration, the client acknowledges that he/her is taking risks when sailing and/or motorboating (eg. risk of drowning) and that accidents cannot be excluded even if due care is exercised.

1 Registration
1.1 A registration by the client is made orally or in written respectively electronically. The registration for week-courses is confirmed by in written or electronically.
1.2 The general terms and conditions of form an integral part of the business relations.

2. Cancellations and re-scheduling
2.1 In case of cancellations or re-schedulings of week-courses until up to thirty days before the beginning of the course, a fifty percent charge of the total amount of the cost will be due. In case of shorter-time cancellations and re-schedulings the total amount of the cost will be due.
2.2 Any other courses can be cancelled or re-scheduled without any fees up to twentyfour hours before the planned date. In case of shorter-time cancellations and re-schedulings, the full amount of the cost will be due.

3. Running of courses
3.1 Generally, the courses take place under any weather conditions. The instructor decides finally about the way of running of a lesson.
3.2 In case of an active warning signal (forty flashes per minute) the instructor decides finally if the port can be left as well as about returning to the home port or any other port.
3.3 In case of an active storm warning signal (ninety flashes per minute) the port will not be left. If the storm warning is activated when a vessel of is on the lake the vessel returns to its home port immediately where possible. 
3.4 The client acknowledges and accepts that in some cases (eg. weathering storm, obligation to render aid or assistance) cannot guarantee a timely return to the home port. disclaims any responsibility for eventual damages in this respect. 

4. Preparation for the exam
4.1 The subject of courses performed with a view to passing an exam is the reaching of the examination level. Any eventual indications within the offer of which concern time requirements are based on experience. These requirements can individually be exceeded or undercut. Therefore, cannot guarantee the reaching of the examination level within these time requirements.
4.2 cannot guarantee the successful passing of an exam. Any claims of refund as well as any refunds due to examination failure are excluded. 

5. Coaching on vessels other than school owned vessels
In cases of coachings on board vessels which are not provided by, the client has the role of the skipper at all times with all the legal consequences related with this role. In particular he / she is entirely responsible for the legal state of the vessel, its seaworthiness and insurance cover. The instructor only has the role of a coach. 

6. Safety, lifejackets
6.1 On the school vessels, any instructions of the instructor are to be followed in any cases and at all time. reserves the right to exclude clients which do not follow the instructions from a course. Costs already paid for the time of exclusion will be refunded.
6.2 At the start of a course, any client of will get a safety briefing the performance and acknowledgement of which he/she confirms in written.
6.3 On the school vessels of individual safety equipment (lifejackets) compatible with the legal obligations are available. On all school vessels  the wearing of lifejackets during courses in the months from November to Mai as well as from wind force 4 on the Beaufort-scale and from the first reef (sailing yacht) is compulsory for any person. In any case, the instructor decides finally about the wearing of lifejackets. 
6.4 For non-swimmers and children, the wearing of lifejackets on the school vessels is compulsory at any time.  

7. Clothing
7.1 Appropriate clothing ist not only a matter of comfort but also of safety. Therefore the client wears clothes appropriate to the meteorological conditions on the lake during the course.
7.2 Open wearing of long hair is not permitted on the school vessels (sailing).
7.3 The wearing of shoes on the school vessels is compulsory. The client wears shoes with light, non-colouring sole, and which are to be put on land before getting on board the vessel.

8. Payment conditions
8.1 The cost of week-courses including the insurance charge have to be paid until fourteen days before the start of the course.  
8.2 The cost of any other courses including the insurance charge are due fortyeight hours before the start of the first lesson. 
8.3 The cost of the boat-charter for the exam are due with the other cost. 

9. Insurance
9.1 The client is covered for third party damages in the context of the casualty insurance of the respective vessel insurance of
9.2 Any other insurances (eg. accident insurance) are the responsibility of the client.
9.3 disclaims any liability for personal items.

10. Place of jurisdiction
The place of jurisdiction is the registered office of

In case of doubt, the german version applies.