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Terms and Conditions (GTC)


Sailing and motorboating are outdoor activities and take place in the great outdoors - wind and weather are sometimes unpredictable. By registering, the customer acknowledges that he/she takes risks when sailing and/or motorboating and that accidents cannot be ruled out even if the greatest care is taken. 

1 course registration
1.1 The customer registers for a course verbally, in writing or electronically. The registration will be confirmed by in writing or electronically.
1.2 The General Terms and Conditions (GTC) of are an integral part of the business relationship.

2. Payment, reservation and cancellation

2.1 A deposit of fifty percent of the course amount is due upon reservation and the remaining fifty percent upon completion of the course. The reservation becomes valid upon receipt of the deposit.
2.2 If courses are canceled or postponed up to 30 days before the start of the course, fifty percent of the course costs will be charged. In the event of short-term cancellations or postponements, the full course costs will be charged. Cost cancellation insurance is the responsibility of the customer.

3. Course implementation
3.1 The courses generally take place in all weather conditions. The instructor ultimately decides on site how a lesson will be carried out.
3.2 The instructor makes the final decision about leaving with the caution warning switched on (forty flashes per minute), as well as whether to return to the home port or another port.
3.3 In the event of a storm warning (ninety flashes per minute), there is no coasting under any circumstances. If the storm warning is switched on when a ship is on the lake, it will return to its home port if possible.
3.4 The customer acknowledges and accepts that in certain cases (e.g. heavy weather on the lake or at a port other than the home port or when carrying out rescue or assistance maneuvers) cannot guarantee a punctual return to the home port . declines any liability for any consequential damage that may arise from such situations.

4. Exam preparation
4.1 The subject of courses that are carried out with a view to completing a boat driver's examination is the customer's achievement of exam readiness. Any information in the offer that relates to the time required to reach exam readiness is based on empirical values that can be exceeded or fallen short of individually. therefore does not guarantee that you will be ready for the exam within the relevant period of time.
4.2 cannot guarantee the success of the examination. Claims for reimbursement of course fees as well as any claims due to exam failures are excluded.

5. Coaching on boats not owned by the school
If courses take place on boats that are not provided by, the customer remains a skipper for the entire duration of the course with all the associated legal consequences. In particular, he/she is fully responsible for the proper and seaworthy condition of the boat as well as insurance. reserves the right not to hold the course if the boat and its equipment do not meet the legal requirements. The course fee remains owed.

6. Safety, life jackets
6.1 All instructions given by the instructor must be followed on the training ship in all cases and at all times. reserves the right to exclude customers who do not follow instructions from the course and refund any paid course fees for the period of exclusion.
6.2 Every customer of receives safety instructions at the start of the course.
6.3 On's training ships, individual rescue equipment (life jackets) are provided at least in compliance with the legal requirements. Wearing life jackets is generally mandatory for everyone during the courses on all training ships. In any case, the instructor makes the final decision about whether to wear life jackets.

7. Clothing
7.1 Adequate clothing is not just a question of comfort, but also a safety factor. The customer is therefore responsible for clothing during the course times that is suitable for the weather and conditions on the lake.
7.2 Wearing long hair open is not permitted on the training ships (sailing).
7.3 Wearing shoes on the training ships is mandatory. The customer wears clean shoes with light-colored soles (or ones that do not rub off on the ship's deck), which must be worn on the jetty in front of the training ship.

8. Insurance
8.1 The customer is also insured through's respective watercraft or liability insurance to the extent of that insurance for liability (does not apply to coaching on non-school ships).
8.2 All other insurance (e.g. accident insurance, cancellation insurance) is the responsibility of the customer.
8.3 is not liable for personal effects.

10. Legal status
The legal status is the registered office of

In case of doubt, the german version is to be considered relevant.

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