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Your sailing school
on Lake Murten.

Would you like to acquire a sailing licence (category D), deepen your sailing knowledge or simply get to know sailing?

Here is our offer.

Basic sailing course
Instructor and student check the sail trim on the training boat from seegang


For persons who either want to acquire the basics for a sailing license or would like to sail with others as a competent crew member without having to take the sailing license and exam. Also suitable for persons who want to sail a boat without a license (sail area smaller than 15 square meters).


Sailing license course
Sailing boat with strong heel on Lake Murten


For persons who want to obtain a sailing license (D-license) for sailing boats with a sail area of 15 square meters or more on Swiss inland waters.

Advanced sail training
Two people navigate the seegang training boat with gennaker


Further training courses for persons who already have sailing experience and want to keep their knowledge up to date or deepen it.

We offer refresher courses, gennaker courses, MOB courses, as well as coaching on your own boat.

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